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Published on 18-02-2018

                                     ATTENTION PLEASE!!

 For all users, the next Saturday 24/02/2018 at 20:00PM server time the sites TB and TA are closed for reasons of possible multiple registrations with different IP.Also a Warning for such members who use VPN and Create fake Account or Create fake direct referrals! We can also ask for verification of your account any time so use your Correct information like:

Full name ( which you have in your documents 
Email address (which you use in your payment processor 

If any member who already joined TigerBux or TigerAds with false information can request to change his/her information by sending Support Tickets.

 To get payments from TB and TA please use verified Payza,Paypal,PM account. If your Payza, Paypal or PM is not verified then please verify it and then request payment otherwise we will refund the payment into your Main Balance.

I hope you understand all the rules. These rules are to stop members who do scam. We are lifetime project so we don't want anything which is dangerous for TB and TA.

Tiger Bux Ads Team

New TigerBux
Published on 26-12-2017
New TigerBux
Published on 26-12-2017